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Anonymous asked: you're my favorite simmer<3

hehe thank you very much 

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 Name: Elsa
 Nickname/s: Squirrel 
 Birthday: 2 of February
 Gender: Female
 Sexuality: Heterosexual
 Height: 164 cm
 Time zone: UTC+04:00
 What time and date it is there: 1:21 28/8
 Average hours of sleep I get each night: 9-10 hours
 OTPs: what lol i dont know 
 The last thing I googled was: What is OTPs :DDDDD
 My most used phrase(s): lolita
 First word that comes to mind: orange
 What I last said to a family member: i dont remember(( 
 How many blankets I sleep under: 3 oO
 The last movie I watched in the cinema: hm.. macho and nerdy) 
 Three things I can’t live without: anime, computer&wi-fi, my mom
 Something I plan on learning: begin to learn to draw

People I tag : kanoya, plumbobthesims3 

kanoya asked: love U honey, Ur simblr is wonderful<3

thank you very much, i m cry(( 

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prettybigsim asked: ♥ u


Thx bb, I ♥ U too